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  • Spinninpropz.com (Chamber of Commerce: 69216568), hereby gives access to www.spinninpropz.com ("the Website") and invites you to purchase the tender.
  • Spinninpropz.com reserves the right at any time to modify or remove parts without notice to you.



  1. Material damage and consequential damage caused by personal injury or injury caused by the improper use of our goods is not under the responsibility of Spinninproipz.com. Anyone who uses public airspace is deemed to have thorough and thorough in-depth understanding of the possibilities of these multirotor systems and the associated regulations.
  2. Damage, as mentioned in item 1, arising from third party and / or end-user (s) to the multi-rotor systems provided by us, built and controlled and tested, is borne by the purchaser of these systems.
  3. The user and user of the multi-motorized systems provided by us shall at all times be responsible for the consequences and injury caused by the injudicious or improper use of the multi-motor systems provided by us.
  4. During work, repairs, changes made by third parties and / or end-user (s), any form of warranty will expire on the relevant part / product.
  5. Rule and legislation. The buyer / tenant of a multi-engine system built / delivered by us, who wishes to use this system to fly / film / photograph / benefit from compensation / compensation / compensation for himself or third parties or else offering services with a multi-rotor system, Should itself take care of the necessary exemption, licenses and proof of good conduct and the associated insurance to fly with a multirotor system.


  • All textual and visual information on Spinninpropz.com is compiled and offered with extreme care. The content is partly generated automatically and manually added and / or customized. Spinninpropz.com can not be held liable for possible errors and / or incompleteness or inaccuracies resulting from the use of the relevant information.
  • In case of incorrect and / or unlawful mention, please contact us. The relevant information will be corrected as soon as possible or removed immediately.
  • The information on this site is regularly updated and / or modified. Spinninpropz.com reserves the right to make any changes to both the content of the site and the delivered content and service with immediate effect and without notice.
  • Spinninpropz.com can never accept liability for the website contained hyperlinks to websites or third party services.
  • Spinninpropz.com can not guarantee that the information presented is correct and can not be held liable for possible errors in the product specifications.


  • The website contains products with corresponding prices. These prices are partly manually generated, partly automatically.
  • Spinninpropz.com does its utmost to display the prices information correctly. In case of incorrect pricing, Spinninpropz.com can not be held responsible for possible errors in the pricing information.

Account Information

  • Upon registration, the user authorizes Spinninpropz.com to access the user for promotional actions through his contact information. Approach can be by email, phone, mail, etc.
  • Spinninpropz.com is very confidential with (personal) information from its users. Personal information such as email addresses will never be resold.


  • The texts, drawings, pictures, logos, movies, images, data, software, names, trade and domain names, trademarks, and other components of this website are protected by intellectual property rights and belong to Spinninpropz.com. Where use is made of third party content or scripts, the copyright shall be with these parties, unless otherwise stated. It is strictly forbidden, without prior written consent of Spinninpropz.com, to store the information provided on and through this website (other than necessary to view the website), to change, to disclose, to reproduce, to distribute or to Ship, sell or otherwise transfer or grant any rights to third parties.


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  • Dutch law applies to this website.


  • If you have any questions about the Disclaimer of spinninpropz.com, please contact us.

This disclaimer may change from time to time.

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